3. İpek Yolu Kongresi & 14. ADAM Uluslararası Sosyal Bilimler Konferansı



 3rd International Silkroad Congress


14thADAM-ACTR International Conference on Silkroad:

Past, Present and Future “Development of Turkey-Uzbekistan Social, Economic and Cultural Relations”


Tashkent, Uzbekistan

25-26 April, 2019



Turkey – Uzbekistan Relations

Turkey has increasingly paying much attention to its relationship with the all over the world, especially in Middle East, Africa and Asia. Turkey was the first country to recognize Uzbekistan's independence on 16 December 1991. Since that date, relations between Uzbekistan and Turkey have been developing dynamically in the commercial-economic and financial spheres.Many co-operation agreements have been signed between the two states. The positive aspect of Turkey’s renewed interest to foster relations with all over the world recently is, partly demonstrated by the strong interest and action taken by the countries that wanted to improve relations Turkey as a strategic partner.

There are not only commercial and economic relations between Uzbekistan and Turkey, but also cultural relations. In recent years, great importance has been attached to the development of tourism sector and bilateral cultural relations. Uzbekistan's historical tourism potential and rich cultural heritage attract the attention of Turkish citizens. For this reason, the development of cooperation in the tourism sector plays an important role in the approach of the peoples of the two countries.

It is necessary to show all efforts to develop mutually beneficial relations in economic, cultural and humanitarian fields. For the bilateral relations to be developed more actively, both countries have the necessary resources and great potential. As known, the Turkish – Uzbek relations is very old and multi-dimensional which includes economic and trade, social and cultural, diplomatic, development and humanitarian etc. In this part, a brief review of the diplomatic and economic relations is given. This part is expected to give a highlight with respect to the historical and relations and, hence, would help the urgency to revive relations in the future and the importance of the conference towards that goal.

The cultural and artistic relations between Turkey and Uzbekistan are very old. The common characteristics of the two countries are their history, culture and art that based on the same ancestry. Within the framework of the agreements between the two countries, not only commercial and economic relations but also cultural and artistic relations are developing are developing between Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The purpose of 3rd Silk Road Congress and 14th ADAM International Conference is to contribute to the developing relations.


Rationale of Conference

Given Turkey - Uzbekistan Historical ties and the new wave of revived relationships envisage a coordinated and strong relations at all levels and sectors. The higher learning institutions are one of the potential key players expected to shape the multi sectoral relations through research and knowledge production. In with background the proposed conference is expected to add a value to the bilateral relations between the sister countries. Tashkent, which is the site of many regional, continental and international relations is also expected to render the conference a regional dimension and beyond.


Objectives of the Conference

The main goal of the conference is to stimulate and disseminate new research on various dimensional cooperation between Turkey and Uzbekistan Specific objectives include;

·      Strengthen economic, cultural, political and academic ties between Turkey and Uzbekistan.

·      Create a forum for direct contact between Turkey and Uzbekistan

·      Revive the historic Silk Road between Turkey and Uzbekistan

·      Lay the research foundation for better social and cultural and economic ties between Turkey and Uzbekistan

·      Strengthen inter-university relations between Turkey and Uzbekistan


Themes and sub-themes              

1. History of Turkey-Uzbekistan relations

·      Ottoman-Uzbekistan relations

·      Economic developments in Uzbekistan in the 20th century

·      Turkey and Uzbekistan relations in the modern era

·      Turkey Horn of Uzbekistan relations: Regional Dimensions

·      Strategic Partnership

·      The Turkey-Uzbekistan Summit: Implications and prospect

2. Historical Silkroad: Past, Present and Future

·      Historical Backround of Silkroad, Art and Culture, Trade, Int. Relations

·      Transportation, History, Environment, Economy and Finance

·      Economy and Finance, Trade, Int. Relations, Historical Backround of Silkroad

3. Economic, financial and commercial cooperation opportunities

·      Opportunities for cooperation for the Uzbekistan industry

·      The Role of FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) on Development and Growth

·      Opportunities for cooperation in Uzbekistan tourism

·      Opportunities for cooperation in finance sector

·      Commercial relations between Turkey and Uzbekistan

·      Turkish investments in Uzbekistan: Impact on Uzbekistani economy

·      Turkey and Uzbekistan relation on tourism: The untapped economic potential

·      Turkish Development assistance to Uzbekistan - The Role of TIKA

4. The Role of Islamic Economics and Finance on Development

·      The past, today and future of the Islamic economy

·      Islamic banking and development

·      The role of Islamic finance at economic cooperation for developing countries